Skull & Shackles

Sailing aboard the Man's Promise

Calistril 2, 4712

The men work hard at their assigned tasks, ropework for Faiz on deck, and hauling the mainline again for Theodric. Hamish runs messages, while Shango labors belowdecks in the bilges. All are deeply fatigued by the time their shifts end.

Zalamesh commiserates with Kroop over the tight control that Plugg has kept over the rum on board, and Theodric surprises Rosie with her fiddle, which she had thought was left aboard the Wormwood. Faiz attempts to discern the location of the Man’s Promise, but he can sight no landmarks to guide him. In the evening, Theodric talks to Tilly, who is dissatisfied with being assigned to Plugg. Though she wasn’t fond of Barnabas Harrigan, he was at least a notorious pirate, rather than an unknown captain. Sil confesses to Faiz that she, too is a bit unhappy about being under Plugg’s command, but only because Plugg is so strict and methodical. Zalamesh seeks out his toady Ratline for any scuttlebutt, and the nosy halfling admits that he saw the captain consulting the maps aboard the Man’s Promise, plotting a course to approach the Mwangi coast south of Port Peril.



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