Skull & Shackles

Wormwood, Day 18

Abadius 26, 4712

Assigned to their duties already, the men make the best of their work. Theodric handles the heavy work of hauling the main lines with relative ease, and spends most of the day trying to ingratiate himself with the sullen and irritable Crimson Cogsward. Zalamesh works in the hot, cramped bilges by himself, wearing himself out, but he does take time to escape the humid hold by talking to Ambrose ‘Fishguts’ Kroop, flattering the slovenly cook on his mentorship of Faiz. Hamish focuses diligently on trying to catch rats, but still has no luck at his assigned tasks. Faiz is told that the captain and officers wish to have another portion of turtle soup, but the ship’s mate has no success in baiting the hooks with bits of raw chicken or potatoes. He dreads the bloody hour as much as Hamish.

During bloody hour, however, Faiz is relieved (a little) to find out that he is simply assigned to work the bilges tomorrow for his inept attempts at catching a sea turtle. Hamish, however, is whipped, gleefully, by Mister Scourge, who lays into the task with relish.

During the evening meal and rum ration, Faiz drinks too much and passes out again, though he has the presence of mind to wander belowdecks to do so. Zalamesh seeks out Kroop again and plies the cook with rum, learning from him that the grappling hook in the galley is a magical one, which cannot miss its target, nor be dislodged without command. Theodric plies the fiddle again, but, being sober, his efforts are much more pleasing to the crew of the Wormwood than the night before. Hamish, his romantic inclinations blunted by the whipping, shares some rum with Cut-throat Grok and convinces the quarter-mistress to open the ship’s store a bit late. He emerges with a sturdy brigandine vest, his own, in fact, purchased back from the ship’s booty with his winnings from the fight with Owlbear. He has also re-acquired his leather bracers and leggings.



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