Skull & Shackles

Tenth day aboard the Wormwood

Abadius 18, 4712

At the ringing of the ship’s bell, Mister Plugg hands out his assignments to the crew. He sends Theodric aloft to the crow’s nest again, “better to keep him from getting underfoot.” Bahram is assigned to prepare the ship’s meal again, and Shango is tasked with running messages for the day. Plugg assigns Hamish to catch rats once again. “Perhaps you can dive overboard and retrieve a few if you are unable to catch them any other way, swab,” he mocks.

Theodric is bored with the simple (for him) job in the crow’s nest, and spends a good deal of time talking with Tilly Bracket. She confesses to disliking Jape, because the half-orc has a non-existent sense of humor, but she also admits that she’s a bit bored on the Wormwood, as she prefers the tension of a chase behind the wind or a boarding action to the daily chores aboard a pirate ship.

Bahram is pleased, if surprised, to find out that Ambrose Kroop is not insensibly intoxicated, and is easily able to handle the minor tasks in the galley while the experienced chef prepares the evening meal. He talks with Conchobar Turlach Shortstone, finding the gnome an excellent raconteur, if a little self-absorbed. Shortstone confesses to being ‘a bit’ unprepared for the rigors of shipboard life, but waxes poetic about Rosie’s charms.

Shango works dilligently at being the ship’s runner, but the frantic pace at which Mister Plugg and Mister Scourge send messages leaves him exhausted. Hamish, despite his established lack of skill at rat-catching, does not work diligently at his task and instead, attempts to flirt with Cut-Throat Grok, but the quarter-mistress knows that his idle flirtation is an act (given his preference for Sams’s company) and is more than a bit irritated at his attempts to curry favor with her. Before the evening meal, Mister Plugg calls out Hamish as a slack hand at his tasks, and instructs Mister Scourge to motivate him further. Though painful, the first few of Scourge’s lashes do little more than raise welts on Hamish’s tough hide, and Mister Scourge takes extra care to make the last of his lashes count, rather than embarrassing himself.

The rum ration leaves Bahram a bit tipsy, and he makes the seemingly foolish choice of seeking out the tall, ferocious Shivika to converse with this evening. However, despite her dour demeanor, she seems to lose some of her hostility towards him during the course of their conversation. Theodric, anxious to dispel the negative reputation of the previous night’s performance, convinces the dubious crew that the storm and damp had put his fiddle out of tune, and plays for the crew again. Conchobar joins him in song, but attempts to show off his own vocal range. Both of the men succeed in entertaining the crew, though neither particularly impresses anyone.

Hamish sits down with his rum to speak with Ambrose Kroop, and the two men have a long and hearty conversation, the drunken cook showing off his limited command of the orcish language to a patient and good-natured Hamish. Shango takes his own ration over to drink with Tilly Brackett, who enjoys their conversation even more. She becomes quite inebriated but seems to take a liking to him.



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