Skull & Shackles

Sixteen days aboard the Wormwood

Abadius 24, 4712

Plugg assigns Theodric to work in the riggings today, but the priest slacks off a bit and searches the cargo hold while goofing off. He finds many casks of oil, and sacks of barley which appear to have been ruptured by something tearing out of the sack.

Faiz is, as usual, tasked with assisting Plugg with the meals, but the old rummy is insensibly drunk, and Faiz has to cook by himself. He cooks an edible, if terrible meal, but spends some time getting the aloof Slippery Syl to warm up to him.

Zalamesh is assigned to serve as the ship’s runner, and wears himself out as Plugg sends him all over the ship for the most inconsequential communications. He leans on Ratline for information, and the obsequious halfling allows that Scourge has spent a great deal of time talking to the crew about the new swabs, finding fault and spreading negative rumors about all of them. Zalamesh also uses his magics to scry on the officers, and finds that Plugg has magical bracers, and his cutlass also appears enchanted. Captain Harrigan carries an enchanted sword of some kind, and his broad belt also appears to be magical.

Hamish is assigned to do repairs on the ropes and riggings, but passes the time by intimidating Conchobhar. He does find out that the seemingly incompetent gnome is, though not an able seaman, a skilled bard and entertainer.

That evening, after the rum ration, Theodric attempts to improve Aretta Bansion’s opinion of him, but the big-eared ex-harlot scarcely regards him much better, given how low her opinion of him and his friends already was. Faiz spends more time talking to Slippery Syl, deflecting her more bloodthirsty comments and ingratiating himself with her. Hamish sits down with Badger Medlar and drinks rum with her, surprising her as his previous interactions had been fairly aggressive. Zalamesh drinks with the roguish Tilly Brackett, though her appetite for rum means that the pleasant evening ends with her being unpleasantly drunk.



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