Skull & Shackles

Aboard the Wormwood, Day 19

Abadius 27, 4712

In the morning, Zalamesh uses his juju powers to close up the healing wounds on Hamish’s back, before the men set to their tasks. Theodric works the mainline again, and spends most of his spare time palling around with Crimson Cogsward. Despite their diametrically opposed attitudes, the two men seem to come to an understanding and enjoy each other’s company. Zalamesh and Faiz both work in the hot, damp confines of the bilges, though it seems Zalamesh lets Faiz attempt the bulk of the work, as both emerge sweaty and tired, but Faiz much more so. Zalamesh creeps out of the bilges on occasion to loom over Giffer Tibbs, reminding the easily scared little gnome of his expectations for her loyalty. Faiz, seeking some fresh air and a cool breeze occasionally, turns his charm on Ratline Rattsberger, who eagerly makes any alliances he can. Hamish again works diligently at his tasks as ratcatcher, but once more can make no showing of his deeds when Plugg demands it.

During the bloody hour, Hamish receives double the lashes for failure twice in a row, and his friends wince to see the red welts that Scourge tears open in his skin. Theodric heals him after the rum ration and meal is distributed, and Hamish seeks some gentler companionship with Barefoot Samms Toppin,who takes her mate below decks for her own purposes. Faiz, already worn out from a day in the bilges, finds the strong rum to be the last straw, and can barely make it to his hammock before passing out. Theodric, however, holds his rum better, and drinks with Crimson again, attempting to cement the Varisian’s loyalty to him and his mates. Zalamesh, however, seeks out the prickly Badger Medlar to commiserate with over their cups of rum.



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