Skull & Shackles

Aboard the Wormwood, Day 13

Abadius 21, 4712

Mister Plugg gives the crew their assignments for the day. Even early in the morning, it is already warm on deck, and the cloudless sky promises a scorcher.

Faiz is assigned his ‘regular’ duties of cooking with Ambrose Kroop, but Fishguts is sober today, so the Keleshite has little demands on his time. He spends some of it talking with the nosy little halfling, Ratline, recruiting him as a useful contact.

Zalamesh is assigned to swab the decks, and despite his acclimation to the hot weather, he finds the strenuous work exhausting. He does find the time to talk with the Varisian, Crimson Cogsward, who he finds to be a bloodthirsty, thoroughly piratical swab.

Theodric is assigned to ropework in the riggings, which he completes easily. The priest makes time to banter with the intimidating Shivikah, who is starting to warm up to him and his mates.

Hamish is assigned to splice rope and work on repairs on deck. Finding the hot weather not to his liking, Hamish takes out his ire on Conchobhar. Despite his mates all finding the little gnome a pleasant enough raconteur, Hamish finds him a tedious blowhard, but his aggressive demeanor gets the self-important gnome to defer to him a bit.

That evening, after dinner and the rum ration, Faiz and Theodric are both a bit tipsy. Faiz attempts to pal around with Badger over drinks, but the irritable half-elf doesn’t care for his company. Zalamesh and Theodric both spend a great deal of time carousing with the other deckhands, but Hamish cannot resist the opportunity to pull his girl, Samms, belowdecks for their own recreation.



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