Skull & Shackles

Aboard the Wormwood, Day 12

Abadius 20, 4712

Mister Plugg assigns the day’s tasks after the ship’s bell is rung. Shango and Hamish are assigned to work on repairs on deck, and Theodric is assigned to work on repairs up in the riggings. Since he was so helpless against reefclaws, Mister Plugg observes, Faiz is assigned to capture an easier target today, a sea turtle for soup!

The day quickly grows hot and sweltering, and many of the crew are drenched with sweat. Shango seems accustomed to the humid air, however, and is able to do his work on deck without wearing himself out. Hamish, however, finds that the sweat is running into his eyes and making his grip slippery, and falters at his repairs today. Scourge bashes him with the tarred end of a rope whenever he catches him making a mistake, and mocks him for a lubber.

Faiz buckles down and does his very best to catch a sea turtle with the unfamiliar hooks and line, and eventually succeeds! Fortunately, Kroop is sober today, and the cook’s mate does not have to figure out how to prepare the unfamiliar dish himself.

Theodric, able to handle his tasks in the rigging with ease, talks to Giffer about their ‘adventures’ yesterday. The little gnome is flighty and distracted, but enjoys chatting with him as they steam in the heat. Hamish, his mood spoiled by the heat and Scourge, shares his misery with Shivikah, shouting at her and mocking her when he has the chance. The hard-eyed ex-slaver is learning to tread lightly around him now. Shango, on the other hand, talks with Rosie, trying to engineer a romance between her and Conchobar.

That evening, after the meal and the rum ration, Faiz gets a bit light-headed from the heat and the strong rum, and passes out on deck once again. Theodric plays his fiddle to entertain the crew, and rouses most of them to a stamping, clapping chorus. Hamish and Sams miss the entertainment, however, as he cannot resist the allure her feminine charms, and, after rinsing off his sweat with a bucket of seawater at her insistence, Hamish pulls Samms below towards their hammock during the music. Shango uses the raucous entertainment as cover, and corners Giffer. Unsuspecting, given his mate’s friendly interactions with her, Giffer is surprised and cowed when Zalamesh glowers and threatens her, making it clear that her failure to come to his assistance in the future will not go unremarked.



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