Skull & Shackles

20 Days at Sea

Abadius 28, 4712

In the morning, Theodric steps to with alacrity, handling the stiff work on the mainline, while Zalamesh goofs off in the bilges a bit, spending a lot of time scouring around the lower deck, snooping out the location of the other sailor’s lockers and belongings, as well as inspecting the locked and trapped doors to the captain’s and officer’s cabins. Hamish finally has some success as a ratcatcher, and is able to present a suitable bounty of the vermin to Plugg to avoid a further lashing. Kroop is sober today, and preparing the meals himself, so all Faiz needs to do is endure a bull session with his boss—which, unfortunately for Faiz, also involves a substantial amount of drinking. The Keleshite is already a bit tipsy even before the evening’s rum ration, but his lack of duties lets him spend time charming both Jack Scrimshaw and Badger Medlar with his wit and panache.

Late in the afternoon, there is a cry, “Ship ho!” and the word is out that a ship has been spotted on the horizon. The riggers leap to the sails and a long pursuit is on, as the Wormwood turns towards its prey, and the prey flees before the wind. Faiz, already a bit inebriated, gets plastered during the excited rum rationing, and passes out on deck. Zalamesh seeks out Shivikah as the crew discuss the prospects of a boarding over dinner. He musters his most menacing air and warns his fellow Bekyar that she had best not think of betraying him during the action to come. Theodric seeks out Sandara on the eve of ‘battle’ and confesses his romantic attraction to her. The red-tressed pirate is flattered, and not disinterested, but explains that romantic entanglements can only cause her harm with a ship of conniving bastards like Plugg and Scourge. Hamish finds Crimson and seizes him roughly by the shirt collar, warning the hot-headed pirate that he hasn’t forgotten about Cogsward’s hesitation in helping Samms, and implying that future cooperation is strongly expected. Zalamesh also seeks out the raffish Tilly Brackett, who, as usual, is enjoying her rum, and convinces the headstrong wench that a night of pleasure is the right choice before a day of battle.



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